The carefully recreated and designed artwork is based on the highly crafted Samurai body armor constructed from braided silk, rivets, small iron and leather scales. The gold asian characters in the center of the piece reads “Black Power” in both the Chinese and Japanese languages. This design was made for warriors.

A brief history of the people of Japan (Nihon, Wa).

Around 1000 B.C. a Mongol group called the "Yayoi" broke-off from China by way of Korea and invaded what is now called the Japanese Islands. The Yoyoi immigrants interacted, killed off, and mixed with the Indigenous Black skin Jōmon people to form the modern Japanese people. Most modern Japanese people have primarily Yayoi Mongol ancestry (more than 90% on average, with their remaining ancestry deriving from the Jōmon).

Sakanoue no Tamuramaro was Japan’s first great General and military leader. Tamuramoro was an Indigenous Black man from Japan and not from Africa as was the case the Jomon, Shang, and the Ainu people.

“For a Samurai to be brave he must have a bit of Black blood” - Japanese proverb

Tamuramaro was not only the first to bear the title Sei-i-tai-Shogun but he was the first of the warrior statesmen of Japan. - James Murdoch



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